Bad Breath (Halitosis) Cause and Dental Treatment

Many different types of bacteria live, work, and play in your mouth. They hide in the spaces between your teeth and gums, and in the deep crevices of your tongue. They eat food left on your teeth after meals. Feasting on these “leftovers “, bacteria pour out volatile sulfur compounds and bad smell.

In some instances bad breath (Halitosis) may be caused by medical conditions (liver, lung, and stomach problems). In a few instances, it is cause by certain foods. But bad breath from food quickly goes away. Over 95% of bad breath is caused by bacteria (germs).

During regular check up and cleaning, dentists should be on the look out for teeth with gross decay or periodontal involvement since these can be a source of hard to get rid of malodorous bacteria. In a patient with a relatively healthy mouth, a simple thorough cleaning and the implementation of improved oral hygiene regime (flossing and brushing) will often eliminate bad breath.  Tongue scrapping and oral irrigation will also help to remove the bacteria from both sides of tongue.

Regardless of what steps are taken at home to prevent bad breath, frequent and thorough cleanings at your dentist are highly recommended, since these cleanings  will eliminate most of the plaque and bacteria that accumulates around the teeth.

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Dr. Z at Walnut Creek Dental Office

Dr. Z at Walnut Creek Dental Office

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