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Denture Soft Liner – What is Soft Liner, by Walnut Creek Dentist, Dr. Z.

Denture soft liner is the material that is added inside the removable denture to create more support to the denture. The jawbone that supports the teeth is resorbed due to loss of teeth in the body. After a period of many years patients can suffer from facial collapse. The lower jaw is more susceptible to this condition and the arch deteriorates into a sharp ridge. It can be very painful to continue wearing a denture due to the pressure sores that can develop. A softer lining for a denture can help alleviate the discomfort.

Do not let the material to get dry. Keep it in the water while it is out of your mouth and follow your dentist instructions.

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Benefits of Soft Liner include the following:
1) Shock absorption effect during chewing,
2) More comfortable to wear dentures,
3) Denture will fit more tightly,
4) Low surface tension with wetting effect.

Disadvantages of Soft liners include the following:
1) Should be cleaned properly due to porous effect of the material.
2) This can be done professionally in Dr. Z.’s office in Walnut Creek.
3) This is generally offered during the regular dental cleaning,
4) It is more expensive then a hard liner
5) It breaks down faster and needs to be replaced more frequently.

Cleaning Dentures with Soft Liner
You must soak your denture in a denture-cleaning product, but you must use only cold water for mixing. The high heat may damage the Soft Liner. Do not soak denture in the cleaning solution no longer than 30 minutes. During the first several weeks use cotton balls to swab the liners. You may use soft brush after that.

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