What is Denture reline by Dr. Z. Walnut Creek Dentist

Reasons for a Denture Reline:When dental ridge resorption occurs, dentures tend to become loose. For most patients, denture relining is an economical means of improving a denture’s stability and retention, facial appearance, better fit, a relined denture “stays in better”. A better fitting denture helps the dental ridges stay health, helps a denture last longer, and helps with proper nutrition and health.There are two different types of denture relining are performed at walnut creek dentist reline, hard relines and soft relines.

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Hard Relines:
With an office reline the reline material is cured in the office at the time of the reline. Because of the nature of material used it is not considered as accurate and long lasting as a laboratory reline. The biggest disadvantage of a Laboratory Reline will require that you are without your denture during the laboratory phase.

Soft reline:
A soft reline can be performed either in office or chairside or in the lab. Neither is considered as long lasting as a hard reline. In the case of soft relines the laboratory reline is considered superior to a charside reline.

To find out more about relines, our dentists, and our dentistry services, please call our walnut creek dental office at 925.939.9177 or email us.

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