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TMJ stand for Temporo-Mandibular Joint. This is the joint between your upper and lower jaws.  You can feel it moving just in front of your ears when you open and close your mouth.   If you feel discomfort in or near your facial joints or side of your face, you may have what is known as “TMJ dysfunction”.  This may effect eating talking and drinking.   If your teeth do not meet properly when you close your mouth dysfunction may occur, it may also caused by clenching or grinding your teeth.   In some cases it may be due to postural problems, which can affect the position of your lower jaw.

According to ADA report, more than fifteen percent of American adults suffer from chronic facial pain.

Walnut Creek Dentist

dr. Z.

Diagnosis And Treatment

At Dr. Z.’s dentist office, walnut creek dentist, we can help identify the source of the pain with a thorough exam and appropriate X-rays. Often, it’s a sinus, toothache or an early stage of periodontal disease. But for some pain, the cause is not so easily diagnosed.

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