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NOW you can save your appointments with our office on  iphone passbook.

  • Sign-in to receive Confirmation Email from Dr. Zarekari, DMD by proving your email address. To do so just give us your email address and we will do the rest.   (registration forms are available at front desk)

    Also at Walnut Creek Dentist of Dr. Zarekari, we will send you newsletters and promotions that can be beneficial to you and your family.  You can turn for all of your dental needs, from basic care to restoration and cosmetic procedures. Our dentists has a practice that can fulfill all of your wishes in obtaining a beautiful smile and keeping it in the best shape for a lifetime. Regular visits and cleanings will help to maintain a healthy condition within the mouth and will also allow our dentist to pinpoint any problems that might arise. We here at Walnut Creek dentist will be able to keep track of all developments with your teeth and gums as we see you on a regular basis. Our Walnut Creek dentists are well-trained in all areas of dental care. No matter what you may need from your Walnut Creek Dentist, you know that you will receive the best care and the undivided attention of highly skilled professionals.

  • How to use Passbook:
    • First things first, start by adjusting the settings on your iPhone to turn on the location services.
    • Passbook is installed on the iPhone and iPod Touch with iOS 6, but the app is not available on the iPad. The app itself do not include any passes, or the ability to create new passes. The store, airline, or movie theater has to start offering the ability to add passes to Passbook.
    • To use a “pass” or “card”, select it in the Passbook app, and then point your phone at the scanner or bar code reader at the counter – then you’re all set.

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Save $100. off the procedures that are not covered by your dental insurance.


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