Invisalingn Usage instructions

Invisalign Usage Instructions

  • Wear the Invisalign aligners at all times, remove only for eating or drinking (except for water).
  • Remove Invisalign aligners for brushing and flossing
  • After each meal, sweets or soft drinks, brush or rinse your mouth before placing the Invisalign aligners in again.
  • Wear the Invisalign aligners for around 22 hours a day for optimal results.
  • On special occasions like weekend parties or dinners you can remove them for few hours.
  • Keep away from hot or boiling water, bleach and other extreme cleansers.
  • Store the future Invisalign aligners in a cool dry place.
  • When removing the Invisalign aligners do not wrap them in tissues, toilet paper, just place them in the Invisalign container provided.
  • If an attachment comes off please call us to replace it within a week.
  • In order to correct crowding, some filing of the tooth enamel may be necessary. This is painless, and does not affect the health of your teeth.
  • Prior to receive a filling or restoration on any tooth while having your Invisalign treatment please consult us.
  • Keep Invisalign aligners and/or container away from dogs or pets.
  • Drink plenty of tap water.

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