Walnut Creek CEREC Dentist

Walnut Creek CEREC Dentist

CEREC – Crown in a Day! | Less than 2 hrs

At Walnut Creek cosmetic dental office of Dr. Mehri Zarekari the latest advancements in dental technology is used to restore your smile. To restore shape and function of the tooth that has damage, fractured, or decay of tooth a crown, would be a preferred restoration.

Walnut Creek dentist CEREC

A dental crown covers a tooth, restoring its shape and size, as well as strengthening and improving its appearance. While the benefits of a crown are numerous, the downside is that they require multiple visits.

Until now!

We value your time.
In the past, receiving a crown took at least two appointments, separated by a two-week waiting period. Not any more! Dr. Mehri Zarekari is one of only a few dental offices that offer on-demand, custom porcelain restorations through the use of CEREC CAD/CAM system.

Thanks to this amazing new technique, near-perfect tooth restorations are not only possible, but can be done in just one visit!

What is CEREC?
CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) is a revolutionary system that allows Dr. Mehri Zarekari to create, design, and fit a new crown in a single visit. During your visit, an image of your tooth is scanned into an acquisition unit. Using Sirona / Patterson software, your crown is designed to your tooth’s precise specifications. The multi-instrument CEREC system consists of a newly developed light-emitting diode (LED) camera, a computer with 3-D imaging software, and a milling unit with diamond blades for quick, precise, and highly detailed construction of restorations.

The Benefits of CEREC®

There are several advantages to CEREC restorations over conventional laboratory-made restorations:

  • Single-Appointment Dental Care – With CEREC, you only need to visit the dentist’s office once.
  • No Temporary Restorations – Conventional restoration procedures require you to wear temporary restorations while the laboratory creates your new restoration. Temporary restorations can fall off or cause other problems. CEREC eliminates this inconvenience.
  • Complete Control by Your Dentist – Since the restoration is designed and fabricated from start to finish by Dr. Mehri Zarekari, he has complete control over how it will look and fit. By contrast, a crown made in a laboratory is under the control of a technician who must rely upon impressions and dental imagery provided by Dr. Mehri Zarekari.
  • Fine Materials – CEREC uses strong, tooth-colored ceramic materials to restore your teeth to their natural strength, beauty, and function. Not only do they look like the rest of your teeth, these materials closely match the composition of your natural tooth structure, allowing you to eat hot and cold foods without worrying about your tooth cracking from the extreme temperatures.

What Is Involved In The CEREC Procedure?

Dr. Mehri Zarekari will prepare your tooth utilizing traditional techniques before fitting a crown. At this point, instead of taking a conventional impression of your tooth, he will take a digital picture using the CEREC camera.

Using CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing) technology, the CEREC software transforms this picture to a 3-D virtual model of your tooth.

After completing the design process, the data is sent to an on-site CEREC milling unit. While you relax, diamond burs are used to mill the blocks, perfectly reproducing the computer-generated design. These ceramic blocks come in a wide variety of shades and colors and are selected to match your surrounding teeth. Some of the popular available blocks for the restoration are:

  • VITA manufactures CEREC Blocs by Sirona and VITABLOCS® Mark II for CEREC®. These blocks are made of feldspathic porcelain.
  • Ivoclar Vivadent produces Empress® CAD leucite-reinforced porcelain blocks, as well as IPS e.max CAD blocks of lithium disilicate.
  • 3M™ ESPE™ makes the Paradigm™ C ceramic and Paradigm™ MZ100 composite blocks for CEREC®

The milling process usually takes less than 20 minutes.

After the milling is finished, Dr. Mehri Zarekari will polish the filling or crown and bond it into place in your mouth. Since the design is reproduced exactly to specifications, a perfect fit is insured. A laser and special cement are then used to unite your crown with your tooth.

To find out more and to schedule consultation please contact our office today.

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