Oral Piercing and dental concerns

If you, or someone you know, is considering a lip ring or tongue piercing, we suggest you learn the “hole” truth about oral piercing before taking the plunge.   One of the most important differences between a piercing in the mouth, in comparison to other body parts, is that the mouth contains millions of bacteria, so the risk of infection is much higher. Tongue jewelry can not only get in the way of talking and eating, but can also damage the teeth, sometimes leading to chips or fractures, and in some cases even the need for a tooth extraction or root canal. This type of jewelry can also contribute to gum recession, which can result in loose teeth and eventual tooth loss. If you do decide to follow your passion for piercing, be sure to maintain a frequent schedule of dental visits so we can keep an eye on any jewelry-related oral issues so that they do not become big problems.

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