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Teeth whitening in Walnut Creek is becoming very popular and patients have never had more options for whitening their teeth.  At Walnut Creek Teeth Whitening center located at Treat Plaza, we can help you to get whiter and brighter smile.

A Child’s deciduous teeth are whiter than adult teeth.  Over the years teeth can become stained by bacteria, food, and tobacco.  Some antibiotics such as tetracycline can cause teeth stains or reduction in brightness of enamel.  During chewing millions of micro cracks occur in the enamel, and they will eventually fill up with stains and debris.  As a result, the teeth becomes dark with lackuster appearance.  eventually enamel is worn down and becoming more transparent to show yellow color of dentin.

Teeth Whitening in Walnut Creek is a common procedure in cosmetic dentistry and it is very popular at our Walnut Creek Dental office.  It involves removal of stains and debris from the surface of your teeth leaving you with whiter and brighter smile. At Walnut Creek teeth whitening center, we treat our patients with in-office and take-home kits depending on individual teeth, desired outcome.

Philips Zoom White Speed is one of the teeth whitening systems that is used in Walnut Creek Dental office of Dr. Zarekari.  Professionally prescribed take-home whitening, such as Nite White / Day White may be an option.   But being under the care of professional Walnut Creek Dentist is the safest and most reliable option.  There are over the counter gels, whitening tooth paste, rinse, and strips such as  Crest 3D from drugstores or supermarkets that is used by individuals decisions and judgement.

Factors that decrease whitening progress include smoking, and drinking dark colored liquids like coffee, tea and red wine.  Applying thin coat of composite material, bonding, to surface of tooth stained tooth is another alternative and finally the most attractive method is Porcelain veneers or lumineers that gets you to permanent desired shade and straighten teeth.

If you have yellow or discolored teeth and would like a whiter teeth and smile, you need to contact Walnut Creek dentist to find out which system is the most suitable solution for you and we help you get the best result possible.  We look forward to hearing from you! To find out more about our dentists and dentistry services we provide, please call 925.939.9177 or email us.

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