Different Dentist & Variable Fee

Dentistry is an art.   Dentists often discover techniques and treatment that “work well in their hands”  and tend to recommend them to their patients.   Many dentists do things differently and invariably some offer better results than others.  Often in dentistry as in life, it is not what you do that is important, it is how you do it!  i.e. an excellent tooth colored filling can be better for a patient than a poorly fitted crown.

Dental insurance plans are designed to provide you with a basic standard of care.  While many cosmetic dentistry procedures are covered by dental insurance plans, they are only covered at a functional level.  The insurance company may help you pay for a crown to physically protect your tooth but won’t pay extra to make it beautiful.

Beautiful cosmetic dentistry requires the use of expensive material, first class dental labs, and usually extra time and effort on the part of the cosmetic dentist (artist).

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